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Updated: Mar 16

I hope this message finds you, our valued customers in good health. I would also like to thank you for your continued trust in our company to deliver your balikbayan boxes to your loved ones in the Philippines.

Lately, we are experiencing a lot of delays in getting our cargoes properly processed in the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The influx of cargoes coming to the U.S. via these ports has created a lot of congestions with ships waiting for berth space to dock. There is so much congestion that as of this writing, 41 ships are waiting for space to dock and unload their cargoes as well as to load outbound containers, up from January that had 30 ships waiting.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this problem with a lot of workers getting sick from the virus. Cranes unloading and loading the ships cannot catch up with the manpower not at 100%. A bottleneck has developed at the port and the Port Authorities has reported that there is no sign of improvement in the next few weeks.

We, at Atlas Shippers, are committed to deliver the cargoes entrusted to us and we will always try to find ways to better our service. We continue to serve the Filipino community, even throughout this pandemic, we have not stopped operation and have continued to collect your boxes and deliver it to your loved ones in the Philippines. So please bear with us for the recent delays in your shipment. Please be assured that once your cargo arrives in the Philippines, once it has passed customs, we will affect delivery as soon as we can. You can always track your cargo online or call our customer service number (for Southern California customers only) 800-285-2797.

Thank you and let us all continue to stay safe.

Maria Loisa L Cordova
Atlas Shippers International, Inc.

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