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Joel P. Longares
Founding Chairman & CEO

Atlas Shippers International Inc. is one of the best, if not the best freight forwarding company in California. We have been in the Balikbayan industry for more than 16 years and that experience brought us to where we are right now.

We are fully licensed and bonded with the Federal Maritime Commission operating with NVOCC (Non Vessel-Operating Common Carrier) license # 1327N. We diligently complied with government regulatory agency by securing insurances and permits, and adhere to the highest standards required from us.
We strive to meet your other needs by providing money remittance, by arranging your travel and tour plans, by providing passport assistance through forms and photo and our new services, the remittance of your Social Security Services contributions and payments online to the Philippines.

Our services primarily is to deliver your Balikbayan boxes door-to-door, that is from your house anywhere in the United States where there is available Atlas Shippers Agent, to any area in the Philippines that is accessible and permissible. Certain areas are restricted due to locations, conditions and political limitations

Our mission is to strive more and find ways of improving our services. We are offering periodic promotions that will reduce our prices to help our customers

Our goal is to strive harder to meet your needs by providing additional services such as money remittance, arranging your travel and tour plans, providing passport assistance through forms and photo and our new services, the remittance of your Social Security Services contributions and payments online to the Philippines.

To meet this goal we have huge warehouse that can accommodate two containers load of boxes at the same time. We also have courteous employees who are ready to help you meet your balikbayan needs at all times.
We have fleet of vehicles and drivers that are ready to pick up your boxes at any location and at your convenient time.

Where we came from

Atlas has gone a long way from the one-man operation it started with. A network of agents spread all over the United States, covering almost all states where Filipino communities exist, now supports Atlas. It also has several warehouses conveniently located in select cities, where loading onto containers is centralized in each area. Situated in safe locations, these are run by competent and experienced supervisors. Operations are backed by modern technology, tools and equipment to support the demands of the physical operations

The success of Atlas Shippers is also attributed to the contributions of its Board of Directors; namely Maria Loisa Cordova, the husband and wife team Alex and Marilou Menez, Lisa Poyaoan, and Francis Cordova. Marielou Cordova is one of the incorporators of Atlas Shippers, and has been with Atlas since inception in 1993 together with Lisa Poyaoan. Alex and Marilou Menez, and Francis Cordova later joined them in 1995. With the contributions of the Atlas Shippers Board, the company continued to grow. Roger Longares, the brother of Joel P Longares also joined the team as the Vice President for Philippine operations. He successfully managed the delivery and timely distributions of boxes to its consignee. The team effort and sheer determination to succeed have paid off. Since then Atlas has consistently progressed year after year.

Atlas Shippers will not be Atlas Shippers with out the contribution of the total entertainer Rico J Puno, a famous entertainer in the Philippines and dearly loved by the Filipinos. Promoting the Libreng Bigas marketing campaign, he makes Atlas Shippers a household name. The famous slogan “Sa Atlas Walang Kalas” became a historic byline promoting Atlas Shippers.

To date, Atlas is considered one of the leading cargo forwarders to the Philippines. Now serving more than millions of Filipinos all over the world, Atlas is consistent in searching for ways to continually meet the needs of our 'kababayans' in the US, Europe and other Asian countries.

JOEL P. LONGARES: The Global Entrepreneur

Hard work, determination and vision are three of the most important factors that define a successful businessman. These virtues have propelled Capiz native Joel Longares from a small-time balikbayan box co-loader into one of the most successful overseas Filipino entrepreneurs.

Longares' life story is one we often hear in success seminars, one that is worth turning into an inspirational book, one that is worth emulation by the more than 12 million overseas Filipinos scattered all over the world. From a one-man garage operation shipping balikbayan boxes as a co-loader in Southern California in 1993 as a new US immigrant, he has turned his business operation into a global enterprise that caters mostly to the needs of overseas Filipinos and the global community.

Atlas Shippers International

His entrepreneurial spirit was sparked in Saudi Arabia. After observing the needs of fellow Filipino workers, he started to offer various small services to them remitting money to the Filipino workers families in the Philippines by asking a family member in Manila to deliver the peso equivalent to the beneficiaries and renting out videos.

It was in September 1992 when he decided to leave Saudi Arabia and fulfill the dream of going to America. He was one of the hopeful migrants that dreamt of starting his own business. It was in early 1993, after just barely 3 months in the United States, when he started his balikbayan box business. Starting as a co-loader, he shipped 6 boxes while operating in a small garage where he was renting a room.

The following years showed the remarkable progress of Atlas Shippers under the leadership of Joel P Longares, also known as JPL by his employees and friends. History proved that JPL's aggressive marketing paid off and launched Atlas Shippers as one of the top three balikbayan box providers.

The simple "Mom and Pop" operation eventually emerged as a giant corporation. It was in August 1995 when Atlas Shippers was incorporated, and moved to a bigger office to accommodate the astonishing growth in production from that of 1993.

Later years showed the birth of Atlas Shippers offices nationwide and worldwide. Most key cities and states have Atlas Shippers services, namely New Jersey; New York; Florida; Texas; Hawaii; Vancouver, Canada; Seattle, Washington; Alaska; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Washington D.C./Virginia/Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; and San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; and many more.

Six years later, Atlas Shippers opened Atlas Shippers Delivery in the Philippines, and acquired its own building and warehouse facility in Las Pinas

It was in 2002 when Atlas Shippers was firmly established, and that was when JPL started branching out and providing related services to Atlas Shippers customers. With One-Stop Service in mind and a goal to complete the whole package, JPL organized various companies that would serve money remittance, travel and tours, manpower placement agency and Atlas brokerage.

Truly, JPL has the knack and lucky charm in running a business. JPL tied up with Equitable-PCI bank (which later became Banco de Oro) and in just a year of operation, the company increased its total volume by more than 50%. The company has slowly found its place and hub in the financial market. To date, it has serviced over $100 Million dollars in remittances.

Atlas Express Padala Money Remittance is one of the major players in the Filipino remittance industry. In recognition of its leading role in the money remittance industry, five major banks namely, Banco De Oro (BDO), Metro Bank, Bank of Philippine Island (BPI), RCBC and PNB have partnered with Atlas Express Padala for their money remittance business.

For those who would like to travel, Atlas Travel and Tours was created to offer affordable and reasonable tours and tickets. AXP Travel & Tours sells around 600 plane tickets a month. The agency also packages and brokers tours to the Philippines and elsewhere.

In the Philippines, JPL ventured into a Labor Recruitment Manpower Agency known as the 7107 Islands Placement Agency (www.7107islandsagency.com). The company recruits Filipino workers (nurses, factory and construction workers and other jobs) for companies all over the world, particularly in the Middle East. The company deployed thousands of workers to the Middle East, mostly welders, and engineers and factory workers in Singapore and Taiwan.

In January 2004, Longares put up the Atlas Express Brokerage with offices in Pasay City. The company handles the customs brokerage requirements of Atlas Shippers and several export and import firms from Australia, Italy, Canada, Taiwan and Japan.

In June 2009, he successfully launched Pinoy Weekly Publishing Corp. (www.thepinoyweekly.com), a weekly newspaper that publishes informative and balanced news from the Philippines and around the globe. JPL is exploring more business opportunities and his most recent venture in telecommunication and phone card is now taking place.

Despite his now comfortable life, Longares never stops working and looking for new opportunities. "Once I established a project, I move on to other things. I can decide at once if an opportunity would work. And once I have decided on a project, I work really hard to make sure it takes off well and promptly. I believe that any business can succeed if you really put hard work and dedication to it," Longares said. "I do not believe in failure. If there is a problem, I talk to my managers and find a solution at once. You have to listen to your employees and managers because they are the ones who observe the business operations more closely," he added.

With many companies under the Atlas Group, every single day in Longares life is hectic. When he is not busy visiting his offices, he checks his operations and directly coordinate with area managers and responsible employees. When help is short and work is more, JPL does not hesitate to help in loading and unloading of balikbayan boxes, operate the forklifts and stay up late to check his operations.

JPL credits his success to his family. JPL is a good provider and aspires more for his children. "I want to leave something more meaningful than money. I want to teach my children the value of determination and hard work. All the sacrifices I made have its value and purpose," JPL added. "I find comfort in work", Longares said. "I never stop looking to the future. The world continues to change, and each change offers new opportunities. A true entrepreneur always finds a need to fill. With the onset of globalization, the world opened new doors for everybody. One just has to look for the best door to enter," he added.